Helen Manich

Presdient, Manich Strategic, Inc.


Helen is an accomplished Senior Executive with 30 years of success across the telecommunications, wireless, satellite, alternative energy, and cyber security (hardware, network, software) industries.

Leveraging extensive experience in business development, the creation and execution of marketing strategies for organizations from startup to Fortune 500, she is a valuable asset for growth-oriented & disruptive technology companies requiring expert assistance in aligning strategic plans with financial objectives.


Her broad areas of expertise include strategic planning, CRM database analytics, competitive analysis, finance, brand management, marketing, international development, corporate realignment, revenue optimization, cash flow, profitability, growth strategy, and disruptive technology.


Throughout her executive career, Helen has held leadership positions at organizations, including her own company, Manich Strategic Inc, and Current to Current Corporation, Talk America, McCaw Cellular/AT&T Wireless, US West Cellular, Earle Palmer Browne, & MCI.


She has worked with US and international companies to develop and implement innovative marketing strategies, collaborating with clients including Vonage, Telstra, Columbia Energy, Xtreme Spectrum (acquired by Motorola), Wireless Online, and Tenzing (acquired by Boeing).


She has established strategic partnerships and alliances with companies including American Express, American Airlines, Visa International, and Wireless Carriers. Helen led the early market development of AT&T Wireless Services, McCaw Cellular, and US West Cellular, with the success of her strategy leading to US West Cellular increasing 10 points in market share in just 18 months.


Helen holds a BSS in Economics, Business, & Political Science, Cornell College. She has presented as an Executive Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Washington and is Co-Founder of the Program for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Helen was the Management Commencement Speaker at George Mason University in May 2002. She currently Mentors Social Entrepreneur’s at Halycon Washington DC, Fellows from the US & the Developing World.

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