How do I set up my account?

How do I contact someone to receive help with use the Pilleve pill bottle?

How do I dispense my medication?

How do I charge my Pilleve pill bottle? 

What do I do with my pill bottle when I need a new prescription?


Navigate the dispense screen by tapping the "Dispense" button on the home page.  Then connect to your pill bottle by scanning the QR code.  Lastly, not your pain level, add information for your doctor, and tap "Dispense."​

Bring your Pilleve pill bottle with you to the pharmacy when you go to pick up your new prescription. The pharmacist will then refill the pill bottle and give it back to you. ​


The micro USB charging port is located below the wake button at the bottom of the bottle. Plug the micro ​USB end of the charging cable into the bottle and the USB end into a USB port of a computer or an outlet via a wall adapter. 

When fully charged, the light will be solid green. 


We have a support line that you may call or text. You may also email us with any questions you have and we will reply as soon as possible.



Where may I view my past medication dispense history? 

My pill bottle will not turn on when I press the wake button.  How do I fix this?

Will my doctor be able to see my medication usage data?

Why is the light at the bottom of my pill bottle flashing red or yellow?

Do I need to be connected to the internet to dispense?

Tap the middle "data" tab at the bottom of your screen.  Then tap the "history" tab in the top right corner.  Here you will find a calendar view of your past dispenses.  Each day that you dispensed at least once has a number in the bottom right corner indicating the number of times you dispensed.  If you tap on a date, a list of your dispenses will appear below the calendar.  You may select these individual dispenses to view information you recorded when you dispensed. 

Charge your pill bottle with the charging cable provided to you.  You may use a computer to charge the bottle or an outlet if you have a wall adapter.  When charging, the bottle will flash green.  Wait 5-10 minutes before pressing the wake button and connecting to the bottle. 

Yes.  Your doctor will be able to view the times at which you dispense your medication, along with the information you provide- such as your pain levels and pain descriptions. 

This means that your device needs to be charged.  After charging your pill bottle for ten minutes, you should be able to use it to dispense your medication.  The bottle will be fully charged in about one hour. 

No.  You will be able to connect to your pill bottle to dispense your medication regardless of whether you have an internet connection. 

I can connect to my pill bottle, but when I press "Dispense," nothing happens. Why?

My bottle is not dispensing properly.  What is wrong? 

How do I dispense my first pill?

What is Pilleve?

When your device is low on battery, you will still be able to connect, but there is not enough battery power to dispense.  Charge your pill bottle for 5-10 minutes and then try dispensing again.  If you continue to have issues, contact our support line. 

Sometimes the pill bottle can get jammed.  If you are able to connect to your bottle and it is fully charged, try shaking the bottle up and down to shift the pills in the bottle and dispense again. Make sure you are holding the bottle upright or the bottle is sitting on a flat surface.  If you continue to have issues, contact our support line. 


Pilleve's mission is to prevent substance abuse and addiction.  To this end, we developed a secure, smart pill bottle that makes it safer to prescribe, dispense and use opioids.  We hope to provide patients greater access to pain management while also helping physicians better care for their patients.