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The future of medication safety.

An end-to-end system for the remote monitoring of controlled medications

Watch it in Action

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If an unauthorized entry is detected, Pilleve and the physician will be alerted in real-time. 
A physician writes a prescription for medication to be secured in a Pilleve bottle.
Open the access door to retrieve the pill.

An End-to-End Solution

The Pilleve system spans the whole prescription cycle and group of actors. We provide our device to monitor opioid usage, screen for aberrant behaviors, translate and package that data, put crucial information in front of healthcare providers and necessary stakeholders, and provide a platform for action.

We believe that with Pilleve, patients can avoid the adverse effects of opioid abuse and addiction.

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Pain levels can allow the physician to better understand the patient. 
Scan the QR Code to connect.
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A pharmacist fills the prescription as normal and replaces the traditional cap with the Pilleve Device.
The patient downloads the app from any app store.