How We Work

An Integrated End-to-End Preventative Solution

An End-to-End Solution

The Pilleve system spans the whole prescription cycle and group of actors. We provide our device to monitor opioid usage, screen for aberrant behaviors, translate and package that data, put crucial information in front of healthcare providers and necessary stakeholders, and provide a platform for action.

We believe that with Pilleve, patients can avoid the adverse effects of opioid abuse and addiction.

1. Prescription

A patient will receive a Pilleve bottle that is secured with the full prescription and instructions for operation.

Integrated into your Patient's Lifestyle

We know that patients using the Pilleve system are in pain. That's why make it seamless for them to log in but ensure that they are safely using their prescription.   

2. Pain

When a patient is in pain, a quick tap on an app or a voice command will dispense a pill, given the patient has been securely verified.




Personalized Healthcare

Every patient is different.

We are making it possible to provide the best care to individual patients by adapting to their needs and behaviors.

3. Data

Timestamps of when each pill was dispensed will be aggregated and analyzed to provide insight into usage.


We want to make sure that no patient is left behind. We pick up on behavioral changes in real-time and will notify healthcare providers to act before it is too late.

4. Early Intervention

Healthcare providers will be provided easy-to-digest notifications within their workflow. This can translate to action if patients are showing signs of risk or misusing their prescription. Early intervention can prevent the adverse effects of opioid abuse.