Death to the Dealer

If President Trump has his way, drug dealers contributing may be sent to the electric chair.

The current administration is in the process of rolling out a three-pronged approach ranging from prevention through education, increased treatment for addiction, and stronger law enforcement policies. The headlines are magnifying just a portion of this and that might hurt any action in the long run.

First, let's just address that a death penalty will most likely not work in practice. What drugs are going to receive what punishments? Are all drug dealers going to face the death penalty? What about people wrongfully accused? What about solving the societal and economic issues that lead people to drug deal in the first place? I'm not saying it is possible to solve for poverty and organized crime, but a death penalty is a drastic measure.

And the issue is that these types of questions will keep coming up and slung at the White House like salt over the shoulder. The details of the death penalty will be, well, beaten to death, and that is a major problem because it ignores the other portions of the plan that could potentially allocate funding to agencies, organizations, and programs that really really need it.

We are in a time when action needs to be taken. I am very much opposed to the death penalty, but outrage over a single aspect of the plan should not shadow everything else.


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