FDA Approves Pear Therapeutics' reSET-O App

A new tool in the battle against opioid use disorder has recently emerged. Officially cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this past December, the reSET-O app, when utilized as an assist to outpatient treatment under professional care, offers patients yet another platform for support and stability while they traverse the road to recovery. Pear Therapeutics, a leader in the field of prescription digital therapeutics can be credited for this revolutionary accomplishment.

According to the FDA’s news release, the app “can be downloaded directly to a patients mobile device after they receive a prescription to do so from their doctor”. While loved ones and care-takers have schedules and distractions, our mobile devices do not. These days, they are a constant in our day-to-day lives, making them quite the asset in regards to training, monitoring and reminding- all things that the reSET-O app has the ability to accommodate for. It is even apt with reward systems that allow patients to work towards earning prizes within the app.

A 12-week trial proved that in conjunction with buprenorphine treatment, a narcotic used to treat addiction to narcotic pain relievers, and contingency management, the use of stimulus control and positive reinforcement to modify behavior, within the reSET-O app a culmination of these techniques are present, keeping patients motivated in their recovery.

The approval of resources like the reSET-O app continues to prove that innovation, technology and personal, accountable care in medical field will be our greatest assets in the treatment of addiction.




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