Sweeping Bi-partisan SUPPORT


In the wake of the declaration that the opioid epidemic is indeed a public health emergency in America, this past October President Donald Trump officially signed a bill that addresses the multifaceted scourge. The Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment (SUPPORT) qualifies as the “single largest bill to combat drug crisis in the history of our country” (in the words of our President).

SUPPORT incorporates expansion of existing programs to treat substance-use disorder; financial support for patients, loved-ones, and researchers; demand for more extensive and in-depth documentation of the affect of legal restrictions on opioid prescriptions; and address of the current of mail into this country that contains illicit opioids (in particular, synthetic fentanyl and its likes). It is intended to simultaneously reduce use and abuse while supporting recovery and long-term solutions via new age innovations.

The act was passed with a majority of 393-8 in the House of Representatives while the Senate only had one vote against it, passing the bill at 98-1. This immense level of bi-partisan support, something rarely seen in our government, bench-marks a turn in national perspective. Not only is light finally being shed on the chronic disease that ended more lives than car accidents in 2016 (according to the CDC), but efforts are transpiring in regards to the extensive care needed to synthesize tangible results. Perhaps, it is finally being recognized that addiction does not care whether you are a democrat or a republican.

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