Technology and the Opioid Epidemic

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We are starting to see technology become more prominent in the pharmaceutical sector, especially with the opioid crisis. This trend gives Pilleve validation and inspiration, and we are excited to see the new life-saving developments created across the country.

For example, researchers at the University of Washington have developed a mobile app that can connect a person who has overdosed to emergency services. This app uses sonar technology to monitor breathing and sense emergency situations. In its testing with 94 patients in Canada, the app detected breathing problems that indicate overdose in 90% of the cases. These tests were conducted through overdose simulations, and 19 out of the 20 simulated overdoses were recognized by the app. The current researchers are hopeful about the future of this app and are applying to the FDA for approval and to commercialize their product.

Other advances have also been seen in this sector. There was a startup spotlight, called the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge, which showcased 12 startups fighting against the opioid epidemic. Some startups created devices to treat opioid-exposed newborns, while others developed an opioid risk assessment screening app. We can view all of these startups as an important step forward in combating this crisis.

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