Mobile Technology & SUD Support

The emergency department demands for patients with substance use disorders is specifically taxing for Parkview Health in Indiana. Since addiction is an illness that extends beyond the four walls of the hospital, patients need a treatment that also extends beyond the hospital. To address this problem, Parkview is developing an app to combat the fragmented care that is given to opioid use disorder patients. This project won the American Hospital Association Innovation Challenge.

This project was intended to give patients easy access to support at all time during the day, and technology offers the ability for patients to connect with physicians and a support system 24/7. The Director of Outreach at Parkview Behavioral Health noted that this app will put “help in your pocket” which “really changes the trajectory for individuals in recovery.”

While there is a stigma in the medical community that technology is disruptive, there actually has been tremendous support from the staff at Parkview to accept this technology. This app will hopefully not only reduce the number of ER visits for the hospital, but will also allow a method for early detection and prevention of substance abuse disorder. Parkview Health is excited about how this technology could impact the lives of their patients, and Pilleve is inspired and excited to see hospitals embracing mobile-technology to curb the opioid epidemic.

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