Mindshare Selects Pilleve for its 2020 Cohort


Yossuf Albanawi



Washington, DC-based Mindshare Selects Pilleve for its 2020 Cohort

Pilleve to take part in select, invitation-only program for CEOs of innovative, fast-growing companies

Washington, D.C.—February 27, 2020— Pilleve, a D.C.- based digital health company, is proud to announce its inclusion in Mindshare, an exclusive organization designed especially for CEOs of the most promising high-tech companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Founded in 1997 with the mission to help CEOs build long-term, sustainable companies, Mindshare connects select, handpicked CEOs from some of the area’s hottest emerging companies, ultimately creating growth opportunities, and fostering collaboration in a collegial environment.

‘We are delighted to welcome Pilleve to this year’s class,” said Steve Balistreri, Treasurer of the Mindshare Organizing Board. Each year, our Mindshare participants hail from some of the most innovative organizations in the DMV and this year’s class is certainly representative of the momentum and diversity we see in technology companies across this region.”

Mindshare received more than 100 nominations for 2020, with 46 of those accepted into the final cohort.

The newest Mindshare members will complete a series of classes, taught by notable speakers, on building a business as a CEO. At the conclusion of the program, members with significant attendance and participation will graduate and join a powerful alumni network of more than 1,000 CEOs.

2020 members attended a special welcome event on February 24th  at the Capital One Arena, hosted by Ted Leonsis and the Mindshare Board.

The Mindshare Board’s Executive Committee includes Harry Glazer of Sprockit; April Young of Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc.; Steve Balistreri of Deloitte & Touche, LLP, and Michael Lincoln of Cooley, LLP. Mindshare is supported by a board of industry veterans who are committed to building a strong ecosystem for success.

About Pilleve

Pilleve is solving prescription opioid abuse and addiction that costs over 70,000 lives every year and $500 billion.  Chronic pain patients and care providers have no practical nor standardized way to reduce the risk of addiction. This leads to pain patients getting cut off of their opioids, and care providers feeling at risk when prescribing. Pilleve developed a smart pill bottle that connects to an app and portal to make it safer to prescribe, dispense and use opioids for all parties.  The bottle accurately dispenses & monitors opioid use, detects diversion and unauthorized entry into the bottle, and securely stores prescription opioids at all times. With Pilleve, patients can access their opioids free of stigma and providers can prescribe while reducing their pracitice’s risk.


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