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Pilleve Wins $25,000 Grant From CTIA Wireless Foundation Catalyst Program

WASHINGTON, D.C – Today, Pilleve was awarded a $25,000 grant as a winner of Catalyst, CTIA Wireless Foundation’s competitive grants program for social entrepreneurs who are using wireless to tackle society’s most pressing health and wellness challenges.

Pilleve will be using the funds to expand its reach across new states and clinics and enhance the overall experience for its patients, providers, and pharmacists who are all in it to make medications safer and more accessible!

Through Catalyst, CTIA Wireless Foundation celebrates and accelerates the work of innovators, who are demonstrating the power of wireless technology to increase access to personalized care and strengthen human connection. Pilleve was recognized for tackling the affliction of opioid abuse and the stigma of addiction by creating wireless-integrated smart technologies that protect against misuse of prescription painkillers.

“We are proud to support Pilleve as an inspiring changemaker who has embraced wireless technology to create innovative, compassionate solutions that make a positive social impact,” said Dori Kreiger, Executive Director of CTIA Wireless Foundation. “Through these grants, each of the Catalyst winners is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with wireless technology and equipping American communities with new tools to improve health and wellness.”

In its inaugural year, Catalyst received applications from innovators across the country, who are using wireless devices, remote healthcare, IoT, mobile apps and more to solve real problems. Pilleve was selected as one of three finalists by the Catalyst Advisors, a team of experts in the fields of wireless technology, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and health. The 2020 Catalyst winners were announced at Town & Country Magazine’s 2020 Philanthropy Summit.

More information on the 2020 Catalyst program can be found here.

The Pilleve Team

About CTIA Wireless Foundation

CTIA Wireless Foundation (www.wirelessfoundation.org) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to advancing positive social impact fueled by innovative wireless technology in American communities. CTIA Wireless Foundation was formed by CTIA® member companies in 1991. Follow CITA Wireless Foundation on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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